Community Services

Part of urbanflo's core mission is to help build strong and vibrant inter/intra community partnerships, as well as to foster cross-sector and cross-regional links. Some of the services we offer in order to achieve these goals include: Community Mapping & Consultation, Educational & Creative Workshops, Research & Feasibility Studies, Project Conceptualisation, Project Management, Funding Research, and Funding Applications.
urbanflo are keen advocates of the transformational power of the arts and we are able to offer expert advice to help unlock creative and entrepreneurial potential, empowering emerging and established artists to develop their ideas and projects to fruition. urbanflo creative programmes and productions have facilitated a vast array of personal development and performance opportunities, as well as enhancing the networks and experiences of artists and arts organisations. We are also able to produce training initiatives and advisory surgeries for individuals and groups to help promote good practice to achieve personal and strategic goals.
urbanflo initiates and supports a wide range of partnerships, projects and creative initiatives particularly aimed at enhancing the skills, life chances and well-being of children/young people and other priority groups including older people and those facing social or economic disadvantage.  Amongst our associates and colleagues we have experienced artists and workshop leaders who are dedicated to facilitating creative activities to promote active learning as well as personal, social and cultural development.   We have designed and delivered a range of outreach projects to engage individuals in a rich and supportive development environment.

Corporate Services

We fully recognises the contributions of the creative community to economic development and the numerous benefits of cross-sector partnerships - we take great pride in our ability to broker effective relationships and shared learning experiences. We can support organisations to address corporate social responsibility remits, and engage with a vast range of stakeholders, especially typically ‘hard to reach' and under-represented communities.